riding on – HIGH FASHION

I have never been such an enthusiast when it comes to bicycle riding, but truth be told … these ladies sure can sell me one – ANYTIME! Riders have never looked this gor-jus!

Looking for parking? Don’t let your pretty hearts be troubled, surely you can park anywhere dressed like that ­čśë … & ladies, may I just say, those hats are on point!

Wow, she makes it look so easy! i.e looking fashionable as well as riding in heels! Bravo mademoiselle!

Lol, you gotta love those pointed toes. A great woman of elegance never forgets the rules!

This lady is working that bike like it’s a cat walk. Perfect Posture, straight legs – I don’t know how, but somehow she nails it!

I have a feeling the beautiful Miss Solange is going to get free parking too! ­čśë Well deserved.

So it can be concluded that whether you are moving house or livestock, bikes and wedges are the most vogue way to go!
And then there was me… no matter how hard I committed, this babe wasn’t going anywhere. Could it possibly be because I was sitting on the wheel? hmmm…. but hey, you gotta give a sister points for trying! Anyway, without further ado, grab your bike, then…

signature 2013.

Some Pictures courtesy of the World Wide Web & Turquoise Chartreuse.