time to resort – TO STYLE

Fret not, You don’t have to be on a yacht to embrace resort wear. This can be a trendy look all year round, provided you live in a warm climate 😉

It’s top of the list on our summer series as flowy fabrics ‘breathe’ well in humidity and keep you cool in hot weather. Longer looser sleeves will actually keep you cooler, allowing air to circulate and keeping the direct sun off at the same time.  Ensure you own VERSATILE pieces that can take you ‘from beach to evening’ in effortless style and grace.

Accessorize always! Sunnies, bangles are a must. They don’t take up much room but boy, they sure can transform your pretty look to fab in a snap!

 Don’t over do it on the shoes though. A pair of sandals / wedges… perfect ;p

Most importantly, “safe sunning” is all the rage right now (& forever). So rock that huge hat and sunscreen … The bigger the hat, the better I say!

Love M, xoxo