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polka-dot-editorials_ a-line-dress-editorials_vogue-editorials-polka-dots_best-personal-style-bloggers-africa_best-personal-style-bloggers-australia_africas-best-fashion-blogFor some fun reason, on any shopping adventure, my eyes normally gravitate towards dots (and or stripes) – which explains why I went a little crazy on this shoot. An A-line dress with polka dots? Hello..? Winner! I couldn’t be mean enough to leave that dotted umbrella behind, either 😉 And yes, if you are going to brave the unpredictable Melbourne weather, why not do it in style? A cute trilby hat comes in handy, in case the sun comes out after the rain (one must always be prepared for anything). Oversized sunnies are a great investment too – just in case someone tries to read your polka face…

polka-dot-editorials_ a-line-dress-editorials_vogue-editorials-polka-dots_best-personal-style-bloggers-africa_best-personal-style-bloggers-australia_africas-best-fashion-blog-6

polka-dot-editorials_ a-line-dress-editorials_vogue-editorials-polka-dots_best-personal-style-bloggers-africa_best-personal-style-bloggers-australia_africas-best-fashion-blog-2

polka-dot-editorials_ a-line-dress-editorials_vogue-editorials-polka-dots_best-personal-style-bloggers-africa_best-personal-style-bloggers-australia_africas-best-fashion-blog-5

polka-dot-editorials_ a-line-dress-editorials_vogue-editorials-polka-dots_best-personal-style-bloggers-africa_best-personal-style-bloggers-australia_africas-best-fashion-blog-4

We love A-line dresses as they provide one with the option to go with or without a belt. N.b if you are more of an hourglass (or just top-heavy), belting an A line is a better option as you get to create a waist and avoid the ‘maternity look’ (when not pregnant 😉 ). That being said, it’s a great little classic number that never goes out of style.

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