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regal-CHIC_copyright-stylegallivanter.com_not-to-be-used-without-permission_top-fashion-bloggers-melbourne-2015_africa's-top-fashion-blogs_melbourne's-best-fashion-personal-style-bloggers---28One glorious morning, as I enjoyed my Butterscotch latté (aka fake coffee), basking in that fleeting moment of silent peace just before the baby awoketh from her slumber, I wondered about what I’d wear on the daily if I were Queen / or a Judge? (I am pretty sure that’s a thought that crosses most people’s minds when they are having their morning beverage). Suddenly my mind was inundated with all these beautiful images of corsets, capes, crowns, lush fabrics, delicate jewels etc. But then I was deeply distressed and thought, “hark!, how do I bring all that into 2015?” …and bingo “Regal Chic” was coined. Let me digress a little bit; lately we’ve been flooded with trends where underwear is making headlines as outerwear. Not a trend I am a fan of honestly, as most do it tastelessly – subjecting the public to bits best reserved for the boudoir. Anyway, now that that’s out of my chest (pun intended), here is our take on the trend: corsetry worn as outerwear. We kept it young, fresh, and most importantly – classy and tasteful. I was inspired by what I see most judges wearing to court except I didn’t have that horrible roller set wig they wear (thank God). Now, this steel boned beauty in black brocade is the real deal, from the corset boutique. And man, when this baby cinches you in, it never lets you go. I left some of the buttons undone just so you could see the kind of hardware we are dealing with here. Serious stuff. Not for the faint hearted. Very beautiful, very sculptural, trés regal chic, I declare. Now, Your Majesty has to attend to her duties… make way for the Queen! …and click here to check out our blog magazine cover inspired by this shoot .copyright-stylegallivanter.com_not-to-be-used-without-permission_top-fashion-bloggers-melbourne-2015_africa's-top-fashion-blogs_melbourne's-best-fashion-personal-style-bloggers---19copyright-stylegallivanter.com_not-to-be-used-without-permission_top-fashion-bloggers-melbourne-2015_africa's-top-fashion-blogs_melbourne's-best-fashion-personal-style-bloggers---17 copyright-stylegallivanter.com_not-to-be-used-without-permission_top-fashion-bloggers-melbourne-2015_africa's-top-fashion-blogs_melbourne's-best-fashion-personal-style-bloggers---15 copyright-stylegallivanter.com_not-to-be-used-without-permission_top-fashion-bloggers-melbourne-2015_africa's-top-fashion-blogs_melbourne's-best-fashion-personal-style-bloggers---5 copyright-stylegallivanter.com_not-to-be-used-without-permission_top-fashion-bloggers-melbourne-2015_africa's-top-fashion-blogs_melbourne's-best-fashion-personal-style-bloggers---13copyright-stylegallivanter.com_not-to-be-used-without-permission_top-fashion-bloggers-melbourne-2015_africa's-top-fashion-blogs_melbourne's-best-fashion-personal-style-bloggers---22 copyright-stylegallivanter.com_not-to-be-used-without-permission_top-fashion-bloggers-melbourne-2015_africa's-top-fashion-blogs_melbourne's-best-fashion-personal-style-bloggers---25

Model: Miranda    //    Photography, Creative Direction & Styling:    //    Corset from    //    Sponsored Post

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