real talk on FATHER’S DAY

FATHERS DAY messageIt’s a day like every other day, when I get to remember and reminisce about the first 2 significant men who shaped most of who I am today. My father and my grandfather. The former was a business man who gave me my middle name. The latter was a pastor who gave me my first name.  Translated into English, my grandfather named me “God’s Idea”. My father named me “worthy of admiration”. I don’t think they planned it, but both names, when next to each other, form one sentence – despite the fact that they are in 2 different languages.

My dad was present for the first 5 years of my life, then God called him to heaven. But during those few years, he laid the strongest foundation in my self esteem. He treated me like a princess and made me believe my worth was far above that of rubies and all precious gems. Thus, teaching me to never, ever, settle for less than what I deserve.

My grandfather made me believe I was born for a much greater, God – inspired purpose than I was aware of. He took care of my spiritual self esteem, re-affirming my princess status while instilling enough humility to ensure that I understood the responsibility that came with carrying a God purpose.

He went to heaven when I was 11. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I saw Him get into the car and heard a whisper saying ‘He won’t be coming back home’. That was the voice of The Father who had been there all along, the one who fathered the whole universe and all that’s in it. Yes, that one who’d given me the best father figures I could ever ask for.

He still walks with me up to this day. His name is God. Whether you have a perfect father figure or not, He has always been and will always be more than enough. For everyone. He’s able to heal and restore your wounded soul. But only if you let Him. He is a gentle Father who will wait for us our whole lives (if He has to) until we decide to go running into His arms.

I still miss and cry for my 2 best men, but with God I know I am not father-less. So I’d just like to dedicate this post to the one who loved me enough to die on the cross, as well as all the father figures He has blessed me with. Not forgetting  the perfect husband He has given me. What more could a girl ask for?? #BlessedBeyondRecognition.

A personal note to you my friend: Just as my two earthly fathers called me God’s Idea, Worthy of Admiration, I’d like you to  know that’s how God views all of us – YOU included. You were first conceived in His mind before your mother’s womb, and you are made in His image which makes you one definitely WORTH BEHOLDING!

Happy Father’s Day, and a special hug to you if your physical daddy is not present in your life.


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