re’focussing on – THE IMPORTANT THINGS

Word for the week –Re-Focus (verb)

FOCUS. Again and again. Intentionally. Because things will happen – to de-rail you. Things will come your way to distract you… If anything, the past week’s events have confirmed one thing… that there is and there’ll always be an ongoing battle for our focus. Our worship.

Always get your compass out and find your default position. i.e God’s Word. That’s the one thing that will get you back on track – to doing that thing that you were meant to do. Try not to let the distractions have too much of your time. DO NOT ENTERTAIN THEM. I couldn’t emphasize that more. Stay Alert. SHUT OUT EVERYTHING… & find His voice. Again. More intentionally this time.

RE-Focus. For you are closer to that thing (that God has for you) today, than you were yesterday.

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth” Col 3:2