RALPH AND RUSSO - ROYAL WEDDING DRESS INSPO, ralph_and-russo-spring-couture-2017_meaghan-markle-wedding-dress-designer_royal-wedding-dress-designers_who-is-ralph-and-russo-3

RALPH AND RUSSO | Royal Wedding Dress Inspo

Look, I am not even going to lie… I have been looking forward to this royal wedding ever since that glorious day when news broke out that Meaghan Markle and Prince Harry were an item. I am just too happy! Not just for them, but for the whole world! I know not everyone in the world cares, but you gotta addmit – this is pretty major! It’s about time the British monarchy got some colour and sass into their blood-line!

I have been an avid of Meaghan Markle in SUITS for the longest time, and a super fan after I discovered her blog The Tig some years ago (it’s a pity she had to delete it coz of all these boring royal protocols). She is just a stylish all-round wholesome girl! Who wouldn’t want her as a wife?? I mean, you can see it in Harry’s face that even he knows he has punched way above his weight. I couldn’t think of a more perfect wife for him given all the media glare and royal duties that come with it! Poor Harry, he has been through so much in his young life, you can’t help but be ecstatic for him. So yeah, I am officially (unashamedly) a royal watcher. As for Meaghan Markle’s redneck side of the family, they all just need to sit down! Especially her half sister. This has become a Cinderella story – with an ugly hearted, fame hungry, extra thirsty sister who is doing everything she can to make it a miserable event. At least the mum’s side of the family has been classy about the whole event!

As for these wedding gowns, how beautiful! We can’t wait to see Meaghan’s dress, may be it will be by Ralph and Russo, maybe not. Either way we know it will be a gorgeous, heart-stopping moment! Here’s to Prince Harry and Princess Meaghan – may they have the wedding of the century! And the most beautiful marriage ever, filled with lots of love, blessings and super cute babies! I will definitely be praying for them!

ralph_and-russo-spring-couture-2017_meaghan-markle-wedding-dress-designer_royal-wedding-dress-designers_who-is-ralph-and-russo-6RALPH AND RUSSO - ROYAL WEDDING DRESS INSPO, ralph_and-russo-spring-couture-2017_meaghan-markle-wedding-dress-designer_royal-wedding-dress-designers_who-is-ralph-and-russo-9ralph_and-russo-spring-couture-2017_meaghan-markle-wedding-dress-designer_royal-wedding-dress-designers_who-is-ralph-and-russo-8ralph_and-russo-spring-couture-2017_meaghan-markle-wedding-dress-designer_royal-wedding-dress-designers_who-is-ralph-and-russo-10 ralph_and-russo-spring-couture-2017_meaghan-markle-wedding-dress-designer_royal-wedding-dress-designers_who-is-ralph-and-russo-7ralph_and-russo-spring-couture-2017_meaghan-markle-wedding-dress-designer_royal-wedding-dress-designers_who-is-ralph-and-russo-4ralph_and-russo-spring-couture-2017_meaghan-markle-wedding-dress-designer_royal-wedding-dress-designers_who-is-ralph-and-russo-5

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Source: Vogue Runway  //  Ralph and Russo | ROYAL WEDDING DRESS INSPO

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