lunchtime style series – LMFF / QV

As part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, QV presented Style-focussed workshops during the month of March. These were hosted by one of the LMFF faces, Micah Gianneli of RAWW Blog.

Woodrow Wilson kick-started the series with “At the Heart of the Image”. This was packed full of amazing tips on Fashion Photography. A few days later, Connel Chiang, one of Australia’s style gurus, shared about developing one’s personal style.

With Micah, and the style expert himself, Connel Chiang (pictured on the left).

The 3rd workshop featured the beautiful Micah Gianneli and (equally stylish) Jesse Maricic of RAWW Blog, sharing helpful tips on Fashion Blogging.

I got a chance to meet other amazing bloggers too. With Sevan, of Seven Autumn Leaves.

The last of these Lunchtime Style Series was presented by Kate Vandermeer of I Spy Style and The Super Cool.  This workshop mostly touched on translating one’s fashion sense into living spaces.

With Kate Vandermeer (2nd from left), of The Super Cool (mobile pop-up fashion spaces).

Kate’s amazing displays @ QV Square.

Of course, naturally I gravitated towards the most colourful display 😉

Jesse of Raww Blog, doing what he does best.

YEP, It was time well spent. You can’t put a price on learning.

Thanks to LMFF and QV. Till next year…

Love M, xoxo