best-online-magazine-bloggers_best-new-magazine-editors_modern-vintage-magazine-covers-2014_retro-magazine-covers_best-new-fashion-bloggers-2014-123In light of the Valentine’s Day weekend that is now past, I found myself intrigued by the meaning of the phrase ‘quality time’. After all, Valentine’s day is meant to be spent with your loved ones (well, at least for those who observe and acknowledge this ‘once in a year’ phenomenon). One thing’s for sure, however you ¬†spend it, at the end of the day you would love for your loved ones to feel the assurance that they are loved and they matter in your world. I guess that all boils down to our different love languages, but that’s a story for another day ūüėČ

And what doesn’t necessarily qualify as quality time? Ok, for those who are still a bit challenged when in comes to having insight on love… quality time is not being in the same building while doing different things, it certainly isn’t giving your significant other¬†that 10 minutes before you run off to catch up with your mates, and it is definitely not spending time with your loved ones just because¬†they (kind’a) forced you to stay. I am sure, we could go on and on about what quality time is not. But hopefully the above mentioned list will especially help my younger brothers who are still amateurs when it comes to the world of romantic love.

Most importantly though, it’s funny how the same principle applies to our relationship with God in our lives. P.S. Just because you turn up to church every Sunday doesn’t mean you are spending quality time with God. Just because you remember to say a quick 7.5 second prayer before a meal doesn’t mean you are spending quality time with God. The list could go on and on, but one thing is for sure… quality time with someone is giving them undivided attention and making them feel or know that nothing else matters in the universe at that particular moment, except them. So let’s strive to be better lovers this year, as well as step up our¬†worship game when it comes to God.

Read the story of Mary and Martha for more on quality time in Luke 10:38-42

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