pretty COLD DAYS

PINK-LEATHER-JACKET_PASTEL-LEATHER_PRETTY WINTER-TRENDS_COPYRIGHT-SAKHINO-STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM-18One of the sad things about winter is that people tend to flock towards dark colours and just boring shades of grey! Winter doesn’t have to be that depressing people, add a little colour into your lives at least once a week, and I promise it will lift your mood. I mean, you don’t have to wear seriously brighty brights, just a little bit of pastel here and there can make an epic amount of difference.

Our look today is fighting the winter blues with some pretty pastels. Yeah sure, we do have a a bit of grey in there, but how pretty does it look with all those little bursts of subtle colour! VERY, I say. Even some gorgeous shades of make up can make for an exciting chilly day. The little pops of colour here and there bring the right amount of pretty cool and sweet, without crossing over to a summer look. As for the hair… don’t even ask, only frizzy haired girls would understand. But hey, I just decided to work it nevertheless because that’s the frizz God has blessed me with. You gotta make it work, right? In other news… if you know me and my style well, you’ll be a little surprised by the choice of shoes this time. I am not a platform heel kind’a girl. The truth is; I am not a fan of platform heels, period. Why? More often than not, they tend to look like hooves, no matter the price tag – sorry ladies. Anyway, these ones were as elegant as I could find. The pretty beige colour and the texture is the one that had me sold, but I am still not converted. Negatives aside, it was a beautiful look that anyone can pull off on those pretty cold days. Oh, and I just created a knot on my skirt to add a little bit of pizzazz… and for safety, so I don’t trip over it. You got to agree, that’s a win win situation right there!

Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (  //  Styling: Miranda (    //  Pretty Cold Days

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