prepped & primed – FOR A GREAT YEAR

COURAGEOUSYes, it’s that time of the year… all the new year’s resolutions have already flown out of the window, life is back – throwing blows on us, and one of our greatest enemy, DOUBT, has managed to creep back into our hearts as the delirious joy and hope of the festive season becomes a distant memory.

Realistically, we are always going to doubt the plans of God, especially when life derails us and we are faced with unexpected challenges. But, be calm my little heart… THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

I look at these moments as tests to see how deeply rooted (& trusting) I am in the promises God’s whispered into my fragile heart. So, my dear friend, refuse to be uprooted by the tsunamis of life, cling to that which God has put in your heart…and don’t let the storms sweep it away.

You are ready for whatever’s been put in your heart. Don’t look at the surrounding circumstances. Look ahead & CHOOSE to be stubborn and defy the mighty winds. Be a victor, because God is always waiting for you to get up and try again.

He has prepped and primed you for a fabulous 2013… all you need to do is to LOOK AHEAD & take hold of that!

Have a great week, and let February be a month of re-commiting to all those New Year’s resolutions…once again.