MIRANDA-SAKHINO-2015_STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM_STYLEGALLAVANTER_AFRICAN-FASHION-BLOGGERS_mommy-bloggers-australia_top-mum-blogs-melbourne_stylish-mum-bloggers-australiaOk, so I promised many that I’d share my pregnancy experience, and give a few tips and tricks where possible to ensure you enjoy yours as much as I did mine (or even more). Without further ado, let’s cut to the chase. Tip 1: PREPARATION. Seriously? What… what? Yes, I know most pregnancies ‘just happen’ and most people do not give much thought to this stage. That’s ok, but if you still have time, continue reading. One thing you have to consider in advance is whether you are going the private or public health way. If you choose the former, make sure you sort out your private health cover and include obstetrics at least 4 months before you start “trying to make a baby” ;p That’s solely because with most health insurance providers (in Australia) there’s a 12 month waiting period. Tip 2: Invest in some reputable pre-pregnancy literature. (P.S. Just 1 book is enough). This will give you vital guidelines, especially with all those initial health checks you can do at this stage. Tip 3: Start taking folic acid / folate. Why? You can read all about that in the pre-pregnancy book you’d have invested in. Tip 4: Do a serious spring clean of your body. Minimize, or go one step better and cut out all the junk food and toxic substances, plus get yourself into a sustainable exercise routine. Tip 5: Start doing pelvic floor exercises a.k.a kegels. In fact, all women should be doing them, for the rest of their lives. Yes, ma’am, you can confirm that with your doctor.


Outfit details: This shoot was done just a couple of days before I gave birth. As ‘about to pop’ as I look, it’s hard to believe I was still wearing my pre-bump clothes. I definitely deserve some serious credit for still tryin’a ‘make it work’ in these very subdued colours. Reliable black leggings? Check. Sunnies with lots of personality? Check. Hi-low cream top because we don’t EVER wear leggings as pants? Check. A grey shirt and scarf to pull everything together and add some serious pregnancy swag? Double Check. (Insert swag-ful nod). When it comes to all things hurrr, it’s definitely a blessing to have long hair, especially on those days when you just can’t be bothered. All I did was tie it ontop of my head and leave it there in a pile of fierceness! WORK it mama! Anywhoo, see more of our pregnancy style tips here: Glama Mama. Outfit details / Shop the look at the bottom of this post.

MIRANDA-SAKHINO-2015_STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM_STYLEGALLAVANTER_AFRICAN-FASHION-BLOGGERS_mommy-bloggers-australia_top-mum-blogs-melbourne_stylish-mum-bloggers-australia-7MIRANDA-SAKHINO-2015_STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM_STYLEGALLAVANTER_AFRICAN-FASHION-BLOGGERS_mommy-bloggers-australia_top-mum-blogs-melbourne_stylish-mum-bloggers-australia-8 MIRANDA-SAKHINO-2015_STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM_STYLEGALLAVANTER_AFRICAN-FASHION-BLOGGERS_mommy-bloggers-australia_top-mum-blogs-melbourne_stylish-mum-bloggers-australia-9MIRANDA-SAKHINO-2015_STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM_STYLEGALLAVANTER_AFRICAN-FASHION-BLOGGERS_mommy-bloggers-australia_top-mum-blogs-melbourne_stylish-mum-bloggers-australia-6 MIRANDA-SAKHINO-2015_STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM_STYLEGALLAVANTER_AFRICAN-FASHION-BLOGGERS_mommy-bloggers-australia_top-mum-blogs-melbourne_stylish-mum-bloggers-australia-2Disclaimer: I am in no way a health professional, just an ex-pregnant lady trying to look out for and help others enjoy this very amazing journey in a woman’s life in the best possible way 😉

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Subject: Miranda  //  Photography & Artwork: Stylegallivanter.com  //  Creative Direction & Styling: Sakhino.com