african fashion editorials

Collection: SAKHINO Winter 2013 

Featuring: The Pleaty Please Dress in Moo Moo.

Probably my favourite photo-shoot as it entailed all the elements I love….

Element 1: Fashion.african tourism getaway

Element 2: Bold Colours.

Botswana designersElement 3: The light of the African Sun. Somehow it FEELS golden…

beautiful afo editorials…and makes me look golden ūüėČ

african inspired editorialsElement 4: Freedom of Mane (yes, I LOVE the hair God gave me and what it can do! Especially under the African sun… Fire!)

African sun Element 5: Nature

Hope you enjoyed this photoshoot as much as I did. Remember to always celebrate all the things that make you YOU! Turn on that switch in your head and see yourself from a different light. Chances are you’ll love what you see and learn to work with it!

& thanks to my photographer who has a natural skill when it comes to capturing creation in the most beautiful way!

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Photography Copyright: Andrew ‚Äď ¬† // ¬† Styling: Miranda ‚Äď


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P.S This is the one that inspired my blog header… just in case you didn’t notice! ūüėČ HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!