pink pant’ser – THE SKY’WALKER

Sky-walking is no easy feat; high up in the sky & highly visible to all living things. Therefore she had to keep it high-fashion and Pro-Fashion-ally on Point!

In Summer she paired her very pink high-waisted pants with a cute ‘n frilly shirt in a light shade of grey. Perfect! Breezy but still very Pro-Fashion-al. The ribbon belt worn on the neck ‘tied’ things up.
Top Tip: Colour Blocking for an extreme professional environment? Use 1 bright colour & team it up with the ‘prescribed office colours’ –  i.e white, grey, black etc.

Accessories? Best kept simple, professional and within the same colour family. (Adventure is appreciated as long as the OTT line is not crossed) 😉

Towards the end of Autumn, (just as the mercury was starting to drop), she repeated the same outfit… except this time she added a v-neck jumper in a charcoal shade of grey. Still Very Pro-Fashion-ally on Point.

The stone coloured pumps kept her in greater heights, balanced out the light-coloured grey shirt, & brought Vogue back to the office. 😉

When Winter came, she just added a well-fitted jacket in a darker shade; Black. n.b She started with the Grey, then Charcoal, now Black. The girl seemed to be working with some formula. The more items she added, the darker the shades became. Bravo! For some extra fun, she played with different textures too.

Have a great week. Whether high flying or firmly grounded, ensure you keep things Pro-Fashion-ally on Point. Because the mission is and will always be to…