Pink Bandit is back, still pushing the fashion envelope, and looking very Pro-Fashion-ally on Point I must say! We were fortunate enough to get a few minutes of her time… Click here if you’ve never met her.

SAKHINO: We understand you consider yourself a fashion outlaw. What exactly does that mean?

PB: It’s nothing complex really. It just means I don’t follow trends. I just take what I can from them & twist that to fit in with whatever I’m trying to say at the moment… which is usually something outrageous like YES I CAN & YES, I WILL!

SAKHINO: So why Pink Bandit? Why not blue or yellow bandit?

PB: Hahaha! Well, let’s clear one thing first – pink is not my favourite colour. I just chose it because pink is a colour that’s always been mis-understood. It’s always been associated with weakness, princesses, being too girly etc. I just ¬†wanted to show the world that pink can look tough, edgy, fierce & everything that reflects strength while still remaining very feminine.

SAKHINO: Seriously, neon pink stockings to work?¬†Who’d ever think of going that far?

PB: LOL, evidently me. The problem with human beings is that we over-think ourselves out of doing amazing things. I reckon a person who is truly alive is one who does something that scares them a little bit everyday. And besides, the office is normally a boring place full of hard-working people. Surely they deserve a bit of colour in their lives ūüėČ

SAKHINO:¬†Well, you sure are rocking this outfit like it’s no big deal. Where do you get such confidence?

PB: Oh why, thank you! There’s no special formula really – you just fake it till you make it (i.e fake the confidence). Daring to be yourself takes guts because we all worry about not being accepted. But it’s amazing how embracing yourself releases other people to be themselves too.

SAKHINO: How do you deal with criticism?

PB: It depends; if it’s constructive I’d consider it. If it’s just people hating, it inspires me to launch an even bigger fashion war i.e push the boundaries of fabulosity, make the haters mad & inspire a multitude to be fabulous along the way! It just brings out the good crazy in me. And always remember the ‘1:19 Pink Bandit Ratio‘ – i.e for every hater out there, there’ll be at least 19 people who love what you are doing!¬†

SAKHINO: Any words of wisdom ‘Your Pink-ness’?
PB: This applies to everything in life – If you are going to do something brave, FULLY COMMIT! If you are unsure, people will see right through you because there’s a thin line between a fashion faux pas and a trendsetter. Trendsetters are world changers who dared to embrace different and committed to that!
I hope you have been inspired to go crazy every now and then… It might just get a more positive review than you were expecting.