Perfect Summer Outfitstop london bloggers 2016 -luxury-bloggers-2016-uk_top-travel-bloggers-2016-australia_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-uk-2016_top-chinese-bloggers-2016-27Trends come and go, and every once in a while one comes in, a sure improvement on the classics. The modernized eyelet is one such trend. I am not one to follow trends, but this was such a pretty one, I couldn’t resist.  A sure fire way to stay cool indeed, especially when the mercury goes up in the summer months and all you want is to look classy and elegant, while still having some air circulating. Yes, because you can’t wear hot pants to a dinner in a nice restaurant right? Right. So yeah, this punctured and perforated trend has been a prayer answered for many of us who like to keep it fresh, light and sophisticated. That being said, I must mention there’s a thin line between classy and tacky with this trend, so please ensure there’s enough lining underneath the eyelet to keep your best bits hidden. Thank you.

I opted for these high waisted pants and this perforated top first because of the shapes. The pants are just easy, with that culottes feel. The top is way too adorable with that baby doll shape that lets even more air in. Trust me, that makes all the difference when you are in scorching Dubai weather.  This top has since become one of my travelling staples as it goes so well with everything. Therefore, I must warn you in advance – there’s enough blog photoshoots coming up featuring this cute little number. Golden white heels completed this look effortlessly without stealing too much attention from the ensemble. As for the sunglasses, y’all should know by now that oversized sunnies are going to feature in there somewhere. Mmhhh, I wear sunnies with everything, including PJ’s.

When it comes to the small details, I wouldn’t normally go for exposed zippers, but I didn’t mind them on these two items as they didn’t look too bad. Not to forget that goddess inspired bracelet/cuff that’s keeping in theme with the whole look. So there it is. One of those perfect summer outfits, that doesn’t include hot pants.

P.S. I have linked a few gorgeous eyelet items below so go on and get on this punctured trend.

Perfect Summer Outfits - top london bloggers 2016 -luxury-bloggers-2016-uk_top-travel-bloggers-2016-australia_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-uk-2016_top-chinese-bloggers-2016-33top london bloggers 2016 -luxury-bloggers-2016-uk_top-travel-bloggers-2016-australia_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-uk-2016_top-chinese-bloggers-2016-28 Perfect Summer Outfits - top london bloggers 2016 -luxury-bloggers-2016-uk_top-travel-bloggers-2016-australia_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-uk-2016_top-chinese-bloggers-2016-5 top london bloggers 2016 -luxury-bloggers-2016-uk_top-travel-bloggers-2016-australia_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-uk-2016_top-chinese-bloggers-2016-9Perfect Summer Outfits - top london bloggers 2016 -luxury-bloggers-2016-uk_top-travel-bloggers-2016-australia_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-uk-2016_top-chinese-bloggers-2016-6 top london bloggers 2016 -luxury-bloggers-2016-uk_top-travel-bloggers-2016-australia_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-uk-2016_top-chinese-bloggers-2016-26Perfect Summer Outfits - top london bloggers 2016 -luxury-bloggers-2016-uk_top-travel-bloggers-2016-australia_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-uk-2016_top-chinese-bloggers-2016-25eyelet top - eyelet high waisted culottes -top london bloggers 2016 -luxury-bloggers-2016-uk_top-travel-bloggers-2016-australia_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-uk-2016_top-chinese-bloggers-2016-30

Jumper with eyelet detail, Crepe eyelet dress, Layered Bustier Eyelet Dress,  Eyelet midi skirt, Eyelet mini skirt

Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //   Styling: Miranda (   //   Perfect Summer Outfits

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