perfect LIVES HERE

When I started writing this blog, my title was “Perfect don’t live here”, but by the end I had had a revelation and changed that to Perfect LIVES here.

Do you know how good it feels to live in your skin happily? Well, unfortunately most of us can’t say yes to that question. Primarily because we live in an era and in a world that is always telling us that we have to meet a certain standard to reach perfection. A standard that can never even be met by the people setting it. Guess what little girl or little boy reading this… that perfect model in the magazine or that ‘flawless’ makeup artist on instagram, they don’t even look like that in real life! So take it easy on yourself.

Do not miss my point, I am not here to judge anyone, or say it’s wrong to put on makeup and be a model in a glossy magazine. I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all that stuff, it is partly the reason why I have a blog. It inspires me to be better. Yes, I said BETTER. Whether it’s to hone my makeup skills or start eating better so I can be in MY best shape and fitness, the point is…it inspires. That being said, let’s just never let it get to the point where reality is blurred and we use it as a standard for ourselves to live up to.

I just wanted to lightly address the self esteem issues that are running rampant with our youth and even older people like us. An issue that is perpetuated by social media channels like Instagram e.t.c… where you can spend hours scrolling and swooning over all those (heavily but expertly edited) ‘perfect’ pictures  that leave you feeling sad about your own life and your looks. I mean, we all know that those perfect pictures, more often than not, are edited – but that knowledge still doesn’t help with that sinking feeling of ‘I am not enough’. I always laugh and joke about my obsession with make up artists on instagram; man, their pictures are always so perfect! The angle, the skin… do they even have pores?? Yes, I too, am guilty of spending time scrolling through their videos and thinking maybe, just maybe if I did my make up like that and used that dip brow and highlighter on my cheeks, I could look like that. Needless, to say.. I have tried… and that stuff takes hours, and skill! And with a baby, it’s just not feasible for me. So I normally just revert back to my quick tried and tested 10 minute makeup routine. On the other hand though, some little girl / boy who may be exposed to that same loveliness may take it too seriously and develop serious self esteem issues.

The thing with magazines and social media is, they are not going anywhere, anytime soon. So it’s up to us as parents, friends, acquaintances etc to cultivate a positive community.  It just starts with you. Make a daily difference. Did you know that you don’t even have to know a person to give them a compliment? Well, now you know. It can totally turn someone’s day around. So sprinkle that stuff around like it’s confetti. It makes you feel good too.

But of course we have to start with ourselves. Start by accepting that you are perfect the way God made you. Did you know some of the world’s top supermodels are up there because someone highlighted something they used to think was a flaw? Such as gap in their teeth, freckles etc… and it catapulted their career to new heights? It just goes to show that what the world may label as a flaw, can be your greatest strength.

So take a good look at yourself and LOVE everything you see. Once you learn to do that, making better choices for your body will come easier, because when you truly love something, you will naturally want what is best for it.  Love yourself throughout that journey of getting fit, eating well etc… and understand that the moment you accept yourself as YOUR standard, that could possibly be the moment you reconcile with your perfection.

God created you perfect in His eyes, and you are nothing less. You are the work of the CREATOR, which makes you a MASTERPIECE. Start acting accordingly.

Here’s a song I love by Beyonce, and she’s making a very VALID point. Pretty hurts. We shine the light on whatever is worst. Perfection is  disease of a nation, it’s the soul that needs surgery. (WARNING: There may be a few confronting scenes in the video. Not recommended as viewing for minors.)

You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48

Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //    Styling: Miranda (    //   Perfect lives here