Over the Candy Bridge

Somewhere in inner city Singapore lies this dreamy bridge. One which has the ability to transport you to a world of delirious joy and jumping castles, and I just couldn’t resist. Enjoy the collage.In my fun casual wear I enjoyed every moment; Navy & cream tights, an oversized top and roman inspired flats… definitely what I’d call freedom clothing! Fun & unrestrictive.

Despite my grand efforts to be all ‘serious’ and very ‘sophisticated adult’ at first, by the end I’d spiralled to an excited & uncontrollable kid. Great to wake that kid up every now & then… you should try it.

Ready, steady… fly! Yay!!!!!

Back to reality, it’s a concrete jungle out there… and the candy bridge now seemed like a distant, sweet unreality. Yeah well, it was great while it lasted.

Time to go back to ‘grown up world’… but hey no need to look so ‘down’ coz just around the corner there’s ‘A quaint lil’ french town’ you are going to conquer (if only we knew how amazing our life journey blueprints are – we wouldn’t even have time to be down).  So chin up, then…