office fashion – DECODED

I believe dressing up for work should be fun, EVERYDAY. Change up your office looks Monday to friday with these easy but trendy ideas.

Monday: Try a maxi skirt for work. Dress it up a bit with a scarf or a tie to achieve that classy and ‘Pro-Fashion-al’ look.

Tuesday: Be the mademoiselle with a “Pro-Fashion-ally” retro look.Wednesday: Jumpsuit for work? Unheard of! Set a new standard with this cute little number. Always remember stockings when going (significantly) above the knee at work.

Thursday: Sneak in a bit of bling to the office with this classic look.

Friday: Most of us love casual Fridays, make it even more fun by taking your jeans to the next level with this preppy ensemble.Hope you have been inspired to re-work your professional fashion differently by adding a more fresher and trendier twist… But you should know by now that the key to being “Pro-Fashion-ally On Point” is to be classy and cordial with your work colleagues AT ALL TIMES!


Pictures courtesy of the Daily Mail and Ophelia McKenzie