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Hello gorgeous / handsome! Grab a cuppa and come closer. Today we are going to talk about something important. Something that could be the difference between your miraculous breakthrough or your failure to launch. Sure, sometimes life gets so busy and noisy and it’s just too hard to even hear yourself think. No need to feel bad. It happens to all of us. I normally find it harder to do anything meaningful when it gets like that. I especially find it hard to write these inspirational soul-feeding pieces. Because they can only come from a real place. A place of authenticity. A place where peace and quiet reign. A place where I am required to be still in order to hear that tiny voice in my heart. The voice of God… and today He wanted me to share this with you.

Mmmhh, so the other day I was too lazy to get up and read my Bible, so instead I listened to an awesome podcast by Joel Osteen on obedience. It reminded me of how much I love the story of that soldier boy Naaman.  You can read it here on 2 Kings 5. Ok, so here’s my summarized version.  This dude, Naaman. He is hot property, right? The commander of an army. A valiant soldier. A very respected man. Popular. Highly esteemed. Possibly handsome too (lol, just saying). But he has leprosy… bummer! Ain’t nothing like a little leprosy to wreck your game back then. Anyway, don’t worry, there’s still hope for our Naaman. His wife has this maid who suggests Naaman could be cured if He went to see this prophet in Samaria. Naaman excuses himself from the King of his country (as any army commander should), so he could go see this prophet dude. A few, funny, dramatic events later, Naaman finally arrives at the prophet Elisha’s house, with his horses and chariots (in today’s economy, he’d have rocked up with a limo, possibly in a convoy. Because this dude was it! Posse and all). But get this, despite his dramatic,  regal arrival, Elisha The Prophet doesn’t even bother coming out of the house (ouch), but instead, sends out his messenger to tell Naaman “Go, wash yourself seven times in the Jordan, and your flesh will be restored and you will be cleansed.”

C’mon proph. Sounds a little bit mean, right? Of course Naaman is enraged! How dare the prophet not come out to greet / acknowledge him! In his head, Naaman had thought Elisha would come out and at the least, wave his magic wand over him, ridding him of this unbecoming skin disease! I can almost hear Naaman saying; does he know who I am! How dare he tell me to go skinny dipping in the filthy Jordan river when we have much cleaner and posh’er rivers in Aram! Lol, Naaman was not having it! And understandably so.  After his servants begged and reasoned with him to just do it, he complied. After all, he’d travelled all this way, right? He ended up dipping himself 7 times in the Jordan and got healed. But I bet you, he complained after the 1st dip, the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th… but He did it anyway. With clenched teeth, a heavily wounded ego and no faith whatsoever. And God healed him. See, obedience trumps it all!

What encourages me is that this guy was grumpy all through out his healing process. And possibly complaining through it too. The most important thing though is; HE OBEYED. He didn’t understand why he had to do it in that way but HE DID IT. He didn’t even want to do it, but HE DID IT. This just goes to show how we should never ever put God in a box, because He most likely won’t answer you in a way you expect. Obedience activates His power.  Don’t let your pride stand in the way of your miraculous breakthrough. Even when you feel discouraged and humiliated like Naaman… just obey. You don’t need the perfect circumstances for your breakthrough. You don’t even need that much faith. Just obedience. Clearly, the healing for Naaman wasn’t in the water (or he’d have been healed after the first dip), but in his obedience. I doubt it was even in the amount of faith he had, coz let’s be real here… he doesn’t sound like he even had a mustard seed amount. But then again if you think deeply about it, the fact that he obeyed even when he didn’t feel like it, shows that a tiny bit of him, somewhere deep in his soul had hope that maybe, just maybe if you do this Naaman… I am just saying. Because I do believe there’s a sliver of faith (no matter how small), inherent in every act of obedience. And that’s all that is required to see the miraculous in our lives.

So my friend, when you do hear that tiny still voice, or that feeling that something is just not right (no matter how good the thing seems), do not debate. Never ever debate with that feeling. Just obey. That is God protecting you from settling for less that His best for you. Or even from taking on what could potentially be dangerous for you down the line. After all, He is The Author and The Finisher of everything. He knows your future, the awesome plans and purpose He has for you. Therefore, obey anyway, when it feels uncomfortable, or even unfair. Do not over-analyze anything. Just always remember God is in control. He is the great rewarder to those who honour Him. And when you do obey (fully, not partially), it is not only blessings that will follow, but mind-boggling miracles that not a single person can refute.

So don’t worry, your time is coming. God rewards obedience, and you don’t want to be the one blocking your own breakthrough. Obedience in those small things (that no one even sees or acknowledges) lead to God’s blessings in great things.

Anyway, thanks for reading all the way up to here;  I am clapping for you 😉 . I hope this at least got you thinking. Love you lots and have an amazingly exciting day! For more encouragement and inspiration, click here.

Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (Stylegallivanter.com)   //   Obedience

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