never let anyone – QUENCH YOUR THIRST

Isn’t it interesting how much opposition we receive when we try to be obedient to God and do what He actually put in our hearts?

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When we are not doing anything that changes other peoples lives (for the better)… the waters are never stirred and most people like us so much better! But once you decide to step out of your comfort zone and do something that’s never been done before (to reflect the glory of God)… oh my!! It’s like poking a wasp’s nest. You’ll get ‘well-meaning’ people all up in arms trying to reason with you about how you are better off doing something else, something they think you should be doing; something ‘safe’ that makes them feel comfortable and has nothing to do with God’s plan for your life.

Don’t be fooled. These ‘well-meaning’ people can be your close friends, family and (God forbid) even leaders at church. Yes it happens. People don’t like ‘status quo stirrers’, they’d rather live with the same old predictability and mediocrity that they’ve known since 1986…. (or whenever).

So my friend, here’s a word of advice, before you listen to ANYONE’s voice, make sure you have heard God’s voice first. Let the voices you choose to listen to (in your life) be those that confirm what God’s already said to you instead of those that try to de-rail you because what you are doing makes them uncomfortable and doesn’t fit into their little box, a box in which (unfortunately) they put God in, too ;(

Real Talk. #Singing “This lil’ light of mine… i’m gon let it shine…” ­čśë

Have a wonderful week.