natural hair & FASHION IN 2014


Yes, it is a bit of an awkward title for a fashion blog post, but that hair couldn’t be ignored as it stole the show during this shoot which was the inspiration behind our Adventure Issue cover. This fiery look featured those gorgeous high-waisted red pants (previously featured here),  and the black boyfriend jacket … on black. A bit of a laid back ensemble, with kitten heels and a cute pair of lace socks to inject a lil’ fun into it! N.b. with socks and heels, it’s safer when they match either your pants/skirt or the shoes. But of course if you are a veteran, go wild… as can be seen on this fab post I previously did – 5th Avenue Girlcover-girls-2014_the-face-australia_canberra-fashion-blogs_sydney-fashion-blogs_imternational-fashion-bloggers_africas-best-hair-bloggers_best-natural-hair-blogs-19cover-girls-2014_the-face-australia_canberra-fashion-blogs_sydney-fashion-blogs_imternational-fashion-bloggers_africas-best-hair-bloggers_best-natural-hair-blogs-12 cover-girls-2014_the-face-australia_canberra-fashion-blogs_sydney-fashion-blogs_imternational-fashion-bloggers_africas-best-hair-bloggers_best-natural-hair-blogs-16cover-girls-2014_the-face-australia_canberra-fashion-blogs_sydney-fashion-blogs_imternational-fashion-bloggers_africas-best-hair-bloggers_best-natural-hair-blogs cover-girls-2014_the-face-australia_canberra-fashion-blogs_sydney-fashion-blogs_imternational-fashion-bloggers_africas-best-hair-bloggers_best-natural-hair-blogs-17 cover-girls-2014_the-face-australia_canberra-fashion-blogs_sydney-fashion-blogs_imternational-fashion-bloggers_africas-best-hair-bloggers_best-natural-hair-blogs-10
As for the hair, you know real hair don’t lie. This was a literal ‘wash and go‘, and I just let the wind do its thing. Thank God for versatile hair (yes, I love it and I am very grateful to my maker!). If you are into outrageously fabulous easy hair-do’s and that kind’a thing, check out our Youtube channel videos and don’t forget to subscribe as there’ll be adventurous things coming your way!… In the meantime, learn to appreciate all those quirky qualities God gave you, and WORK them! Embrace your YOU-ness to the max and never apologise or feel the need to explain to anyone!


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Styling / Creative Direction: SAKHINO

Model: Miranda