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Top 5 Favourite Foundations

It’s about time I shared my top 5 favourite foundations, for all the curious minds out there. I know the search for the best foundation can be a bit of a headache for most women. You end up with so many bottles of foundations you’ll never wear, which means lots of $$ wasted (yes woman, even if it was on sale). But on the real though, foundation is probably one of the best inventions ever (forget sliced bread, who needs all that gluten anyway!) LOL. We all know every great thing out there starts with an awesome foundation, so why not set yourself up for greatness everyday with some good complexion enhancers? Sure, there are many who opt out of makeup – but the reality is… foundation just makes everything look so put together / neat. Even when you have the smoothest skin out there, it will still have some visible uneven tones. So if you are not into foundation, at least wear some BB cream or CC cream. Just for presentation’s sake. Anyway, back to the make up lovers. Yes, foundation can be the difference between being great that day or not. Because when we look good, we feel good, which just ends up in a whole lot of greatness! As much as I love make up though, ladies let’s remember: foundation should enhance our beauty, not be used as a mask! And pick the right colour for yourself please (the amount of ooompa loompas I’ve seen around Melbourne tsk tsk!) A wise man (François NARS) once said “Transparency is more sexy than a full, pancake finish.” We concur. Without wasting any more time, here are my top 5 favourite foundations.


Best Dewy Finish: Okay, this one is my all time favourite foundation. Yes, the one I even wore on my wedding day (oh, and I did my own 15 minute makeup for that too). Anyway, I have been wearing the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation for 10 years plus. What can I say, I am just one of those loyal people – if I find something (or someone) I love, I stick with it (or them) till the end of time. Unless the thing becomes discontinued or the friend decides they can’t handle all this fabulous’ness anymore… LOL. True story though. So yes, this is my summer, winter, all round the year glow secret!  It gives a gorgeous sheer to medium (buildable) coverage with a radiant, satin finish.  Possibly best for dry to normal skin types. That being said, I have an oily T-zone and this still works wonders for me. So if you are into that glowy, dewy, youthful finish, this is THE ONE! …and I’m all about that life!

PROS: ♥ It enhances your overall natural complexion without looking like you have foundation on. ♥  It is alcohol & fragrance free.

CONS: ♦ Does not come with a pump! As in you have to buy the pump as an extra! Come on now! Why are makeup companies trying to make us pay for extras? I mean seriously, it’s not like we are buying cars! Other than that, I’d still buy it over and over again.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Best Buildable Foundation: This is a gorgeous foundation with a beautiful silky finish. Not matte, not too dewy – Just the happy medium between matte and dewy, which should make it perfect for all skin types. It’s very easy to work with and very buildable (i.e. you can keep adding layers if you prefer full coverage, without getting that cake’y look.)
I got this while in the UK, out of desperation because my NARS Sheer Glow had finished and was out of stock in my colours, and I had an event coming up. It’s a great foundation, but I had to get used to it (like any new foundation you get, you have to try a couple of different ways of applying it, until you get your perfect results). Now I can say it’s one of my favourites. On the real though, I wouldn’t buy it if the NARS Sheer Glow is available, because the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is EXPENSIVE. Yes, with a Capital E.  I can’t justify spending that much on a foundation, unless I AM DESPERATE! But if you’ve got coins to splash on a luxury foundation that  gives your skin that charmeuse silk finish, then by all means – THIS ONE IS WORTH IT.

PROS:  ♥ Comes with a pump! (Well it better, especially if you are paying that much!) ♥  This is a lightweight liquid foundation that leaves you with a radiant, silky finish (I can testify to that).  ♥  It allows the skin’s natural glow to come through no matter how many layers you apply (another true story).

CONS: ♦ Very pricey. Sure NARS is a high-end foundation too, but the ARMANI is next level expensive! I don’t think I’d purchase it again unless I’m very desperate, or it’s a present from someone else 😉


Best Matte Finish: This is a full coverage foundation. That being said,  it delivers the full, natural-looking coverage with unexpected weightless wear (it is breathable and doesn’t feel like you have a full coverage foundation on). It should be good for all skin types, but I’d recommend extra moisturizing for those with dry skin, before using this. I tried it in winter and it was just ok, until one weekend I was in Perth and it was a sunny hot day, and I realized that this is a great SUMMER foundation. It kept that oil on lockdown the whole day! Very Impressive. So if you don’t like it the first few times, just put it down and re-visit it some time later. If you have oily skin and you like the full coverage, matte, flawless finish, this has the potential to be your new favourite foundation. I usually apply all my foundations with my fingers first, but for this one IT IS IMPERATIVE that you apply it with your fingers first. Then maybe go over that lightly with a damp beauty blender.

How To Apply It (Very Important)  1. Always shake bottle before dispensing the product. 2. Pump foundation onto your hand. 3. Working with your fingertips, apply a small amount in the centre of your face and quickly blend outward working in sections.

PROS:  ♥ Comes with a pump! ♥ It’s a uniquely fluid formula that delivers complete coverage with unexpected weightless wear, resulting in a naturally perfected look. ♥  Paraben free.

CONS: ♦ It’s unexpectedly runny so be careful not to spill it everywhere.  ♦ It takes some time to figure it out, i.e. how to best apply it with the best results. But don’t give up just yet. ♦ It is advertised as ‘a foundation that delivers full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear—all with just one drop’. As true as most of that sentence is, the last bit is like… huh? Unless your face is the size of a 10 cent coin, then maybe 1 drop may suffice. But for me, that 1 drop just about covers this beautiful African nose 😉 So I need at least 3 drops, maybe even 4 hehehe…

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Best DrugStore Alternative: The Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation is definitely a great dupe for the high end Matte Foundations. It mattifies and refines pores, leaving a gorgeous natural, seamless finish.  Ideal for normal to oily skin, as it has micro-powders that control shine and blur pores. Who doesn’t love that! Big open pores can kill anyone’s game, so this is a great one if you don’t want to spend too much $$ on make up. Best blended with fingertips. Also performs well with a beauty blender.


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Another Great & Affordable One by Maybelline: This is an anti-ageing liquid foundation infused with some awesome things – goji berry, caffeine, and SPF 18 to visibly firm skin and even out skin tone and texture. This was definitely a lovely surprise for me, and no, you don’t have to be 55 to wear anti-ageing foundation. It has some lovely ingredients, prevents sunburn and leaves a flawless finish – so why not? Apply onto skin and blend with fingertips. Works well with a damp beauty blender too.

Hopefully my Top 5 Favourite Foundations have narrowed down your search for the best of the best. For more tips and easy, breezy ways to look beautiful on a 10 minute budget, check into The Pretty Room right here.

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