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top-winter-trends-2015_top-fashion-publishers-australia-2015_shoe-trends-2015_best-fur-editorials-2015_sakhino-styling-13We recently caught up with Faro Musodza, a British born, Zimbabwean model based in Melbourne, Australia. Talk about diversity!

What do you love about modelling? The versatility and being in the midst of creativity; just seeing an idea come to life and how a message can be conveyed powerfully through an image. It is a highly rewarding and flexible type of work which really suits my lifestyle.

What would you love to see changing in the modelling industry? This question is not as simple as it sounds! First, I will speak for women. Just as much as older men can model and be seen as viable in the market, so should women. Secondly, ethnic diversity and having a varied selection of women and girls. There seems to be constant repetition of the same female as if she represents the one ethnicity. I think it’s more visionary to see different women, gender identities, shapes, and sizes in campaigns. Lastly, in a multicultural Australia, I would dearly love to see the rise of models from all cultures and in particular, models of Indigenous and Torres Strait Island heritage. I envy the industry in Canada. Half the models there are either Indigenous or other cultures, the other half are fair skinned, but all are listed as Canadian when represented in fashion and beauty tips? Drink lots of water, eat to nourish your body (and skin). If I am home, I let my skin breathe. I reserve make up for special occasions and only wear lipstick and mascara for some days. Coconut oil in the shower makes your skin soft and supple. I love it! Most importantly, aspire to be happy, that’s the truest form of beauty. It radiates from do you stay in shape?  I exercise regularly – a mix of walking, jogging, swimming and doing some classes such as Pilates to improve and keep my muscle tone, increase flexibility and overall stamina. top-winter-trends-2015_top-fashion-publishers-australia-2015_shoe-trends-2015_best-fur-editorials-2015_sakhino-styling-7What do you do to unwind? Socialising (physically) with friends and taking up interesting projects. Recently, a friend of mine asked me to perform at the Midwinta / Midsumma festival and I said yes. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I absolutely loved it! I am always up for a challenge. Reading and watching movies or documentaries, and of course my favourite TV shows, ha! Thank goodness for online holiday destination and why? I am currently living in Australia, so the only thing I can think of is going back to the motherland, Zimbabwe! Whilst I was there, I never got the opportunity to travel around and see the beauty of Victoria Falls and Inyangani mountains.

Who are your fave fashion designers and why? I am obsessed with Elie Saab. I imagine angels wearing Elie Saab. At the moment I am really loving this young designer called Atong Omoli. Her clothes are super chic, fresh, clean cut and elegant. Anyone who designs with curvy women in mind is my favourite – mirandaSAKHINO! I missed their debut at Fashfest. The images and clothes looked amazing and I cannot believe they did their own prints!top-winter-trends-2015_top-fashion-publishers-australia-2015_shoe-trends-2015_best-fur-editorials-2015_sakhino-styling-14top-winter-trends-2015_top-fashion-publishers-australia-2015_shoe-trends-2015_best-fur-editorials-2015_sakhino-styling-9What advice would give a young girl who’d love to be a model? For now, just read as much as you can on the industry and when you turn 18 pursue modelling. It is important to at least finish high school first. I just feel younger girls need time to mature and increase their self-esteem, awareness and learn how to look after themselves. It is also important to have supportive friends around. It can be very lonely, and sometimes you wind up with the wrong crowd which can lead to bad decision making.

If it was possible, what encouragement would you give to your 16 year old self? Be patient, and respect your parents’ decision to keep you in school first before getting into modelling full time. There will be more time, preparation and financially rewarding opportunities ahead. (Thank you Mum!)

Model: Faro Musodza    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (  //  Styling: Miranda (    //   My fur lady

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