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Must have sunglasses you say huh? Well as a fashion stylist, here’s one secret I will share with you free of charge – having quality basics is one of the best building blocks for an über stylish life. They don’t need to be expensive, just gorgeous… and one of those bare necessities has to be a killer pair of black sunglasses. I mean, it doesn’t get any more classic than that. These are one of those timeless things that you know will remain unaffected by trends in decades to come. Which brings me to this; meet my new bff, the Brooke – courtesy of Oscar Wylee. These babies will quietly inject that much needed touch of modern and vintage class into any cosmopolite’s wardrobe. They are pretty perfect really. Pair them with a cute LBD and gloves for that Audrey Hepburn look, or just be chilled in your torn pair of denims and an oversized jumper and you will still be winning! Need I say more? Oh wait, it does get better! For every pair of glasses you buy from Oscar Wylee, you will help provide someone in need access to affordable eye care. Through their I CARE program, they work with established partners around the world who are committed to making the biggest impact possible. Ain’t that just fabulous! It is the season for sharing after all, so go ahead and spoil yourself, your loved ones, (and someone in need) with a pair or two this Christmas. Oh yes, they are that affordable. How about that for some holiday cheer! As for this gorgeous black and white jumper, it can be found here.

P.S. They have an amazing range of frames for spectacles as well, if sunglasses are not your thing. Click here and here to see the other fabulous photo shoots with Oscar Wylee sunglasses.

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