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curated style1BEAUTIFUL-SCARVES_ACCESSORIES-TRENDS 2016_TOP-AUSTRALIAN-BLOGGERS-2016I know giving or receiving a scarf as a gift over the holidays can sound a bit underwhelming, but don’t be dismayed, these babies sure pack a punch when it comes to versatility in the accessory department. Especially on those bad hair days when you need to turban’ate, or step up your otherwise dull ensemble… not forgetting the times when you just need to show up and show off at the beach looking like you got this… and that’s just a few of the things a scarf can do. This is probably the most versatile piece of clothing you’ll ever own because of the ease with which you can transform it into almost anything, and everything. Scarves are probably my favourite accessories (along with bags, shoes, and jewellery). LOL! No, but on the real, if you are a true gallivanter, you’d testify as to how many times I’ve rocked the scarf to the max. If you’ve never witnessed me scarf’ing around, be inspired by checking me out here, here and here. Otherwise, click on the pictures below to browse / shop. It’s an investment that never goes out of fashion, right?

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