modern BOHEMIA


The hot topic today on Pregnancy Musings is weight. Yes, I know – a pretty sensitive one. In general, if you are already in the healthy / normal range for your height etc, you are advised to gain about 12 to 16 kg. Less, if you are already overweight and vice versa. I’d say most women worry about gaining those pounds more than anything else. But hey, the truth is; if you set yourself up for failure by over-eating and not taking care of your health, those extra pounds will be earned. Make healthy food choices and ensure you get the right nutrition; your post-pregnant body (and baby), will thank you for that. As for losing the weight after, apparently the great rule of thumb is to give yourself about 9 months to get back into shape. Sounds fair, as it took that long to put on all that extra loveliness.

As for your new pregnant ‘shape’, enjoy it while it lasts. Have fun with your dressing, and choose to feel sexy rather than fat (yes people, it all starts in the mind). This is one of the best times in your life so don’t treat it like a disease. Look your best and inspire others in the process. Yes, pregnancy has been given a bad rep and we can all re-brand it – one cute outfit and positive mindset at a time. As for ‘getting your body back’ when it’s all done… try not to get too fixated on that as your body is not going anywhere 😉


Our Bohemian spring summer style continues with our version of Modern Bohemia. When I was pregnant I got a new found sense of (extra) confidence hence the scandalously short dress (hides). Sure, I wouldn’t recommend you wear something like this to church or a funeral, but hey – have fun! Especially if it’s just you and your significant other. You are allowed to show a leg or 2 😉 and let your hair down! (Give that seriously ugly long tent dress a break!) Anyway, see this pretty eggshell dress worn differently on a non-pregnant moi here, and learn more bump time tips and trix on our Pregnancy Musings category. As well as all that, you can see more of our pregnancy style photoshoots here —> Glama Mama.


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