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copyright-mirandasakhino-2015_miranda-sakhino-12We are finally making it official,  as the next part of our journey comes to light …. (drumroll please) – this time as a FASHION DESIGN LABEL! Yes, I know this may not come as a surprise to many of you, as you may have witnessed fragments of this dream coming together in the past few years. Hey, we are now officially… the eponymous label mirandaSAKHINO. Our latest, brand new collection will be debuted at this year’s fashion week in Canberra; FASHFEST. Tickets will soon be available here, so watch this space if you want to be part of our journey from the beginning, and show some love.

Don’t forget check out our awesome new website too, to view our previous collection.

Thanks for your support once again – here’s to an amazing 2015, hopefully full of successful ventures, amazing growth and an abundance of supernatural favour from the dude upstairs 😉

Love you

MirandaSAKHINO – Designer     www.mirandaSakhino.com

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