01-gucci-backstage-kevin-tachmanGucci Backstage – MILAN FASHION WEEK 2016

It is not everyday that the mere mortal gets that coveted pass to the backstage of a show. A place full of chaos, colour and everything in between. A place where all the peace and order you see on the runway is yelled into being. Literally. Yes, backstage can be quite something. From trying to change a model into a complex look in less than a minute, to trying to locate that missing shoe, scarf, model or something else vital. It is very exhilarating and mentally exhausting at the same time, but hey… someone’s got to make sure the show goes on smoothly, and for that we are grateful. So, this time around I thought I’d share a peak behind that mysterious curtain, so y’all can see models acting normal while waiting to go on the runway, or just being plain silly and cute. This is Gucci backstage at Milan Fashion Week 2016, courtesy of the much talented Kevin Tachman’s photography.
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Gucci Backstage  //  MFW 16  //  Photography: Kevin Tachman

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