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As hard as this may be to believe, I was a bit of a tomboy well into the second decade of my life. It is true, I only started wearing make up and doing ‘girly’ properly then. Call me a late bloomer, but I have always loved the idea of men’s style. To me, men’s clothes just screamed ease, comfort and uber cool. But then again, I was young and cool in the 90s when it was all about that gangsta swag (think baggy jeans, exposed boxer waists, and doc martins). Thank God things have evolved since then and menswear inspired trends are much more refined and form flattering.  Back then I just felt like women’s clothing required a lot of effort in terms of doing your make up, hair and just behavioural things like how to sit. (Yes, options like the latter are limited when wearing a little dress hehehe). I was part of that swag clique that could not be bothered and were more like ain’t no’buddy got time for dat! LOL. I still love me some menswear. I love bow-ties. I love camera bags. I love moccasins. I love grandpa hats. I love skinny ties. I adore boyfriend jeans. I love… ok, fine you get the idea. Menswear fashion is everything. Thanks to cutting edge tailoring and daring details, that infamous tomboy style has never looked so chic! From Oxfords and camera bags, to pinstripes and shirt-dresses, there’s a lot we can borrow from our other halves. That effortless, uber cool style is now accessible to all, so go on ladies – lay those bodycon dresses down, and give your abs a break. No need to tuck in that lunchtime evidence in these comfortable form flattering silhouettes. Now we can be one of the boys without losing our pretty, right? For more inspiration check out this nicely curated Menswear Remix Edit. You are welcome. menswear inspired trends, menswear trend, tomboy trend, tomboy chic, gigi-hadid-imaan-hammam-joe-alwyn-03 menswear gigi-hadid-imaan-hammam-joe-alwyn_menswear-inspired-trends_menswear-trend_tomboy-trend_tomboy-chic

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