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Justin Leigh Mr Walk and Talk

Now that the fashion week special is over, we’d like introduce our Menswear Connoisseur for The September Issue. His name is Justin Leigh and he runs a very successful menswear blog called Mr Walk & Talk from Vancouver, Canada. From his amazing style, it’s clear that he doesn’t just talk the talk…

“There are a few blazers in my closet that are fashion pieces rather than formal pieces, and this is one of them – a recent purchase after much persuasion from a friend. I was lucky to come across this piece because it’s sold out online and there was just one left in my size in stores! This blazer is definitely not something I’d wear around the office, but it’s a fun and bold piece to wear for going out. What else is red? Canada Post Trucks! Thought it’d be interesting to use them as a matching backdrop for these shots.”

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menswear red and whiteWe sure love this bold look from Justin, especially his ability to take such contrasting colours and make them look elegant! That’s what we call making a bold statement… QUIETLY! Be on the look out for more jaw-dropping, stylish looks from MrWalknTalk in the next few days.

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