men’s trends – CASUAL FRIDAY

Menswear casual trends
The Preppy Sweater
Style tip: for a preppy no-suit ensemble, layer a cable cricket sweater with a classic overcoat.
 Shirt and tie 
are a must. Have fun with your socks. Embrace bright patterns and prints but avoid styles featuring scenes from SpongeBob SquarePants.

Stylish mens blazers
The Cargo Pant
Style tip: layer a shawl sweater under a patterned suit jacket and team with cargo pants. Sounds ridiculous — but it works.
Mens accessories scarves
The Cable Knit Scarf
Style tip: team a cable knit scarf with a collegiate red and blue palette for a younger pared-back aesthetic.
 Tie optional.
Casual Friday Trends
The Varsity Jacket
Style tip: a jacket like this exudes masculine cool and confidence. Now you can be a high school jock, but with brains instead of brawn.
how to do sneakers on Casual Friday
The Puffer Jacket
Style tip: on colder days, swap your jacket for a puffer. They look cool, and give you the upper body bulk you’ve only ever dreamt of. Don’t be afraid to throw coloured sneakers into your work wear, but no busy mesh/fluoro styles.
Tommy Hilfiger 2013 mens knits
Time to step up the casual Friday game, guys! Hope you try out at least one of these tips 😉
Have a fantastic weekend!

Source:   Photographer: Zachary Handley