melbourne spring – FASHION WEEK (DAY 2)

It’s spring time and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is off to a good start! Best time of the year! Great weather, well-dressed people, and excitement in the atmosphere! Yesterday I attended one of the free afternoon shows by Wittner shoes and it was probably one of the most enjoyable of shows!

It started with a well-choreographed routine to Janelle Moane’s Tightrope & that was the highlight for me I must say. These models had skills – modelling, dancing, and working all those brollis at once?? That’s no easy feat! #Impressed by Wittner for sure!

 Then there were the fierce glamourais! Grrrrr!…and who needs food when you can have a plate of shoes? I say bring it on!! 

Enjoy the VIDEO here with some highlights from the past few days!