Maximum Fashion…

Maxi dresses. We all adore them! They are mostly classified as seasonal fashion (for warmer months), but I dare say they are an ‘all seasons’ must have item as they possess the ability to look amazing in winter with warm stockings (that won’t be visible) and a nice jacket, or in summer with a big floral headpiece). They are also versatile enough to be dressed up or down (with heels and sparkles or flats & bangles 😉 ). How’s that for maximum use!

The longer the maxi the better, as you can (secretly) dorn your highest heels for maximum height 😉

Comfort is a given. Perfect for those days when you are going for an ‘all you can eat’ buffet (can I get a witness!) 😉

Did I mention how effortlessly elegant they can look? …Who wouldn’t want that!

You have all the freedom when it comes to accessorizing a maxi dress. You can either go chunky or just simply elegant. I’ll leave that one up to you.

But one thing’s for sure; you will be quite the head turner!

That’s it for now on Maximum Fashionizing. Now Go Forth & Be Fabulous!

Love M, xoxo