Marrakech Morocco Travels 2017, best-african-fashion-bloggers-australia-2017_morocco-marrakech-3_top-travel-blogs-melbourne-australia-2017_travelling-to-morocco-tips_shopbop-bloggers_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-2017-7Marrakech Morocco Travels 2017

Marrakech Morocco Travels 2017 – First, let me just get this off my chest; I really don’t understand why many people think I don’t wear jeans? Hahaha! Maybe the problem is that I wear them so much that I never think they are blog-worthy. Any who, here’s me in one of my fave pairs. Gone are the days of skinny jeans because as a mum, I just need to be comfortable, and that my friends, is why I love boyfriend jeans. They are non-discriminating, thus looking good on quite a sizeable amount of the population, while giving you that über-chic, ‘I didn’t try too hard‘ swag. Can I get an AMEN!! Not to mention the extra fringe benefit of having the assurance that if an ‘all you can eat‘ buffet was to pop up out of no where (as they do), you’d be sorted, without much stress. Yes, because that’s what life revolves around; ‘all you can eat‘ opportunities. Can I get another witness! Yaas honey! Anyway, this was a lazy day in Marrakech Morocco and we were just exploring the beautiful and lush hotel grounds, so a pair of jeans and a roomy top was perfect for the occasion. I never really wear tops with that much writing on, but this one is quite special as it shares my very own sentiments. I’LL SEE IT WHEN I BELIEVE IT. I figured well, if I am going to be a walking billboard, I might as well be spreading the good news of faith, hope… and just encouraging people that their dreams are within reach, and all that’s needed is a tiny mustard size kind’a faith. And besides, it matched my favourite pair of heels, probably the most worn pair of heels on the blog, but who’s counting? Looking back, I should have bought two pairs of these, because I love them that much. They are elegant, not sky high, but still giving me that much needed perk. Plus they have just the right amount of pointy, if you know what I’m saying. Getting back to the point, yes, Morocco was quite an experience, and there will be a proper travel tips post coming soon. You just watch this space or just make it easy for yourself and subscribe.
Marrakech Morocco Travels 2017, best-african-fashion-bloggers-australia-2017_morocco-marrakech-3_top-travel-blogs-melbourne-australia-2017_travelling-to-morocco-tips_shopbop-bloggers_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-2017-1Marrakech Morocco Travels 2017, best-african-fashion-bloggers-australia-2017_morocco-marrakech-3_top-travel-blogs-melbourne-australia-2017_travelling-to-morocco-tips_shopbop-bloggers_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-2017Marrakech Morocco Travels 2017, best-african-fashion-bloggers-australia-2017_morocco-marrakech-3_top-travel-blogs-melbourne-australia-2017_travelling-to-morocco-tips_shopbop-bloggers_top-natural-hair-bloggers-australia-2017-3
Marrakech Morocco Travels 2017

Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //   Styling: Miranda (   //  Marrakech Morocco Travels 2017  //  Top UK Fashion Bloggers 2016  // Jeans can be found here  // Similar Tops can be found here.

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