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Margaret River Holiday 2018

Margaret River Holiday 2018 – Okay, I have managed to get my pregnant self to post something… which is quite a feat considering all the work that comes with putting up a blog post (well a professional looking one, at least). Anyway, we finally managed to explore the much talked-about, Western Australian winery region of Margaret River, and I must say it deserves all the hype it gets! We spent that week going from winery to winery sampling their food (no wine for us, pregnant or not), but we did discover some exceptionally great food! So it was definitely worth all the calories and the 3 hour drive from Perth! This was the first time we went anywhere “holiday-like” since coming back from the UK last year; we kind’a took a year off to recuperate, because frankly – we were tired of travelling. Anyway, we figured this was our last chance to have a holiday before baby no: 2 (even though we recently went to Melbourne – that doesn’t count because Melbourne is like our ‘home village’ lol). Yes, so Margaret River comes highly recommended. Even in the winter, it was still an absolute delight because winter in Western Australia is not that serious. Here’s a few pictures of me and my ‘mini assistant’ who seems to be popping up every time I try to pose ūüėČ Our accommodation had amazing ocean views and I did wake up extra early everyday to see the sunrise, which was always worth it! This was an easy, relaxing and refreshing holiday despite the fact that we had to drive back in the stormiest weather we’d ever experienced. Now onto the snaps…

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Model: Miranda & Bunny Bear //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //   Styling: Miranda (   //  Margaret River Holiday 2018