managing – THE GAP

Today’s word: Whether it’s a dream, financial breakthrough, healing, a baby or whatever it is you are waiting for, we all go through seasons of discouragement, as more often than not – the waiting time is longer than we anticipated ;(

…So, how are we supposed to manage the gap between the promise & seeing it come to pass?

Well, don’t be offended (thinking God’s ignoring you) & try not to blame anyone (not even yourself or the devil – LOL!) Understand that it is God who orchestrates ALL the seasons in our lives.

All you need is to  *Acknowledge the fact that you are in a pickle ;o   *Acknowledge that it’s way beyond your tiny human powers  *Commit it to God & respect that He’ll fix it in His perfect timing…

…But in the meantime, keep seeking His presence and not His presents. He will bless you anyway! Coz He loves you big time!

Have an awesome week & remember God always sees you even when you think He’s forgotten. Ok… & do check out Episode 3  of our Youtube Series (Hair Sunday Best) later on tonight…