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In a world where price tags are usually hiked depending on the label, it is pretty refreshing to come across a brand that delivers in terms of quality and design. Especially being a parent, it is always a dream to find beautiful clothing made out of natural and breathable fabrics for our offspring. Which is why it was pretty major to discover Pappe. This is undoubtedly luxury childrenswear at its best.

Inspired by the contrast between traditional children’s wear and contemporary trends, Pappe combines nostalgia and modernity, with beautiful design and world-class fabrics.  Each collection embodies their signature timeless, minimalistic aesthetic. The garments are meticulously designed, sampled and tested, to achieve the finest quality, beautiful simplicity and are tailored to a child’s body. Every aspect of the design is considered; from the softest trims to the safest buttons, to carefully chosen materials and construction. Isn’t that lovely?! Wait, there’s more…

Their premium fabrics are hand picked for softness and longevity, during their many travels to France, Italy, Scotland, Japan and London. Luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, organic cottons, pure wool blends and tweed are signatures of the brand, sourced both locally (in Australia) and internationally. A collaboration of the world’s most beautiful textiles, indeed. I am pretty sure every mum and dad will appreciate the fact that Pappe understands quality and the need for practicality. They are, after all, in the business of making clothes for children! They believe clothes need not be heavily labelled or adorned (can I get an AMEN!) , and they simply focus on design, craftsmanship and refinement. It is quite clear that their clothes are designed with love, and embrace individuality of character and the adventure of childhood itself.

We hope you love Pappe as much as we do. I mean, with packaging as awesome as this, who wouldn’t! Clearly they care about all the small details. 

luxury childrenswear - luxury kidswear 2016 - top-mummy-bloggers-2016-australia-uk_best-fashion-blogs-uk-2016_top-lifestyle-bloggers-australia-2016_pappe-childrens-clothes-4luxury childrens wear - luxury kidswear 2016 - top-mummy-bloggers-2016-australia-uk_best-fashion-blogs-uk-2016_top-lifestyle-bloggers-australia-2016_pappe-childrens-clothes-14luxury childrenswear - luxury kidswear 2016 - top-mummy-bloggers-2016-australia-uk_best-fashion-blogs-uk-2016_top-lifestyle-bloggers-australia-2016_pappe-childrens-clothes-11luxury childrens wear - luxury kidswear 2016 - top-mummy-bloggers-2016-australia-uk_best-fashion-blogs-uk-2016_top-lifestyle-bloggers-australia-2016_pappe-childrens-clothes-7luxury childrens wear - luxury kidswear 2016 - top-mummy-bloggers-2016-australia-uk_best-fashion-blogs-uk-2016_top-lifestyle-bloggers-australia-2016_pappe-childrens-clothes-17luxury childrens wear - luxury kidswear 2016 - top-mummy-bloggers-2016-australia-uk_best-fashion-blogs-uk-2016_top-lifestyle-bloggers-australia-2016_pappe-childrens-clothes-8luxury childrens wear - luxury kidswear 2016 - top-mummy-bloggers-2016-australia-uk_best-fashion-blogs-uk-2016_top-lifestyle-bloggers-australia-2016_pappe-childrens-clothes-6

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