lmff week – FEAT. HERMES

HERMES. Proper Pronounciation; “Air…mez”.  Once you say that name … that’s it. No amount of designers put together can top that! At least not in my books. That brand represents everything respectable in a brand (and more).

Day 1 at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week was evidently the best day for me. Simply because I was privileged enough to watch a documentary called “Hearts and Crafts” which pays homage to the artisans of Hermes, (all part of LMFF, at the NGV, Federation Square).

VanityFair.com 2007 sums it up better …”We don’t have a policy of image, we have a policy of product.”  Dumas, 5th generation of the Hermès family, was eminently quotable because he expressed clear concepts that made sense in any language. Though Hermès is grouped with other luxury brands, it hovers ineffably higher, apart, and not only because it is more costly. Dumas himself pooh-poohed the term “luxury,” disliking its arrogance, its hint of decadence. He preferred the word “refinement,” and intrinsic to that refinement is what Hermès won’t do. It does not boast, does not use celebrities in advertising, does not license its name, does not let imperfect work leave the atelier (imperfect work is destroyed), does not get its head turned by trends. This is what it does — creates necessary objects made from the most beautiful materials on earth, each so intelligently designed and deeply well-made that it transcends fashion…”

Well, now you see why watching a documentary about the Hermes artisans would make my heart palpitate enough to take a picture of the movie screen before the movie started (above) – How embarassing! *hides*… Honestly, I can’t even describe how it felt to watch that documentary. An out of body experience for me. Ok, inhale…. we are good now. When that Birkin bag finally comes, I will show it some seriously serious love (my bday is coming soon, hint hint…)

My outfit du jour; an oversized throw-on with tights and boots. Can’t be too creative when its cold and unpredictable in Melbourne. So yes, this poncho-like item is one of my NNI’s and it works everytime. NNI? Qu’est que c’est? Cilck here for some Fashion education NNI Defined

For a colour and print fix, my 2nd stop was at the Bush Couture Exhibition (still at the NGV). The array of colours and ethnic inspired prints on display was just breath-taking (to mention the least). 

This exhibition will be on for a while so I recommend that you go and check it out. Click on the pictures below to enlarge. As for the fashion forward guy on the far right, rocking his tres avant garde glasses, he deserved to be featured. With his friend, they made everyone within ear-shot laugh – in my case, so hard that I got panda eyes from mascara running (on the train ride back home). We didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but  the beautiful lady sitting across & I couldn’t help but to burst out laughing. A great end to an amazing day. ;p