learn to live IN THE MOMENT

best-inspirational-bloggers_christian-bloggers_saved-fashion-bloggers_real-fashion-bloggers_purposeful-fashion-bloggers_following-your-drems_inspirational-african-business-women-2014This week I came across a video that really brought my attention to something we all should already be aware of, but somehow seem to just allow into our lives with open arms. It’s subtle but obvious. Originally designed to improve life, it’s now destroying the very core of it, one selfie (or social media scroll) at a time.  Click on the video below to see how we are allowing technology to interfere or completely take over one of the most important things in life – our relationships with those closest to us. I hope this will challenge you to go back to basics, and learn to live in the moment, the way God intended.

If this doesn’t speak to your humanity, then I am seriously worried for you. Anyway, I thought I’d tie it in with this beautiful poem by Holley Gerth


Not just to the words – but to the heart behind them.

Not just if it’s easy – but also if it’s hard.

Not just to those who are the same as you – but to those who are different too.

Not just when you have time – but when someone really needs it.

Not just with your ears – but with your whole being.

Because listening is loving.

And one of the most underrated ways to change the world.

Hear what I’m saying….?”

And how are we to listen when we are constantly fixated on a gadget? How are we to hear the hearts of our loved ones, or even the guiding voice of God in our hearts? P.S I am not saying trash your phone (or tablet etc) – just understand it’s not designed to replace the relationships in your life, and put it in it’s place. It’s for your own good, because life is made of moments in time, which you may be missing right now.

Have a great week!

Miranda xx


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