klompen, really? – CLOG TREND

hmmm, where to begin..? I ponder. One of the recent trends to hit the cat walks – CLOGS! It’s either you love them or hate them; & since I fall into the latter category, I decided to investigate, to see who was fully responsible for this calamity…..

They may be a fashion statement today, but they were once the fashion equivalent of the steel-toed boot. The original clogs were worn out of necessity rather than beauty.

The Dutch have been wearing the “Klompen” (clogs) since medieval times. They were most commonly made from willow or poplar trees and were favoured for comfort in hot and cold weather, keeping the feet dry in the marshy lowlands, and as a safety shoe for workers. The Swedish clog is closer to what we know today in fashion terms, with wooden soles and a backless leather upper.

Chanel’s spring-summer 2010 collection put clogs firmly back in the spotlight. Suddenly, trend followers wanted some of that wooden-sole action, & ever since, clogs have been popping up everywhere, from high fashion to functional-footwear labels, (much to our dismay).

Well, since we are on the subject, a few words of wisdom… Ensure sure you get the highest heel possible and stick to tan or black to avoid looking too folksy – (other than that, I got nothing).

(Apparently) the clog shoe will give the most heavy-set legs the illusion of slenderness  (but they will also make you look like a golf-club, guaranteed)…

Having said that, it’s all a matter of personal taste really… but I still think this is a classic example of how “new hot trends” can have intelligent people looking silly (but this Japanese lady is rocking them well, I must say!)