Kele Mogotsi: NEW YORK STYLE

kele-mogotsi_botswanas-best-actors_best-actresses-botswana_the-last-of-us-film_new-york-based-batswana_kelebogile-mogotsi_afro-hair-models-new-york_natural-hair-inspiration-botswana-2The very 1st fashionista to feature in our ‘Round The Globe Style Stars is the gorgeous Kele Mogotsi, a New York-based actress from Botswana. She is currently filming the last instalment of the popular fan film trilogy “The Last of Us”. Despite her demanding schedule, Kele managed to spare a few moments to share her personal style with us.  P.S. You can catch her in “The Last of Us” in its worldwide digital release this spring/summer.
kele-mogotsi_botswanas-best-actors_best-actresses-botswana_the-last-of-us-film_new-york-based-batswana_kelebogile-mogotsi_afro-hair-models-new-york_natural-hair-inspiration-botswana-3ME: How would you describe your personal style?
KM: Classy casual with edge.
ME: What’s your take on fashion trends and which one has been your favourite in the past 2 years?
KM: I’m all for trends as long as you don’t get so lost in them you lose your individuality. I think trends should enhance your personality, not define it. My favourite of seasons past: colour blocking (I love).
ME: Do you believe personal style has a place / plays a role in your work (acting) ? If yes, how?
KM: Absolutely. I approach every character like I’m meeting a real, live person with a mind, personality and yes, style too. Style helps shape the character in my mind, helps me with my choices when I play them. It’s about, quite literally, getting into their shoes.
ME: What is that one particular trend / piece of clothing that you wish you could wear but feel you can’t?
KM: I really can’t pull off super short anything, unless at the beach. I have pretty long legs so on me it really just borders on ….!! 😉
ME: What fashion / style advice has carried you through the years?
KM: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory” – Coco Chanel.
ME: Do you have an No Nonsense Item? If yes, do tell. (Defined here)
KM: Actually, my vintage leather jacket and/or my classic blazer because they complete almost any look. A floral floaty dress in spring, or the casual pair of jeans with a white t-shirt look etc. Yes, pretty much just anything.
ME: Any style icons? What do you admire about them?
KM: Tom Ford. He’s timeless yet current. Kerry Washington, because she always manages to keep her red-carpet looks sophisticated, feminine and glamorous.
ME: Thanks Kele, and all the best with your current and future projects.

Watch out for Kele’s upcoming project entitled ‘Casting Calls’, which is currently in pre-production. It’s a new web series she’s producing as well as featuring in. How Exciting!

Credits  Designer: Kim Mesches  Photography: Shanise Gibson  Styling: Symona Serna & Briann Alexis


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