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We recently had a cyber catch up with one of Africa’s rising stars, Kele Mogotsi. The NY based, Botswana-born actress is the co-founder of independent production company – 3rd Culture Productions. She has also co-written a feature-length film with an international cast about the joy, confusion and angst one goes through in their 20’s, which is still in production. However, today we are picking her beautiful brain about style, fashion and her hopes for African designers. Scroll down for more.


What do you love about Botswana?  There’s a ‘work to live’ philosophy here which I value. It provides a good sanctuary to come to and rest on whenever I feel overworked or stressed out

What is the one thing you love, that can be found in every African country you have visited? African people are full of life and love. You never really do life alone on this continent. And of course, the food… how flavourful, natural (+ organic). 

african-beauty_kele-mogotsi_botswana-actresses_copyright-2015-brkfst-studio-photography_natural-hair-blogs_botswana_top-models-botswana-7What can you tell us about the fashion landscape in Botswana right now? What stands out to you? It’s definitely up and coming. There are Botswana designers doing well and making a splash internationally which is really lovely because it feels like the fashion stays true to its roots. The pieces often feel homegrown, proudly Botswana etc… 
african-beauty_kele-mogotsi_botswana-actresses_copyright-2015-brkfst-studio-photography_natural-hair-blogs_botswana_top-models-botswana-5Tell us about the theme of this photoshoot. The basis of the shoot was all about traditional Botswana prints and fabrics that were all custom-made by local designers. To compliment that, we shot on a private Botswana farm on a typical 40 degrees Celsius day, with traditional Botswana woven baskets against the backdrop of our landscape. We had a kraal, livestock, mud huts, a breathtaking sunset… I really wanted to showcase the beauty of the lands.

african-beauty_kele-mogotsi_botswana-actresses_copyright-2015-brkfst-studio-photography_natural-hair-blogs_botswana_top-models-botswana-6What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Africa as a continent? Powerful. Resilient.

What do you think the West can try to understand about African fashion? The intricate detail in our prints, the significance our fabrics have in our culture. For example, these materials are a staple at every wedding!

Who are you favourite African designers? (1 or 2) and why? Gilded Sands by Aobakwe Molosiwa. He creates beautiful silhouettes.


african-beauty_kele-mogotsi_botswana-actresses_copyright-2015-brkfst-studio-photography_natural-hair-blogs_botswana_top-models-botswana-3What do you miss most about home when you are away? My family.

What are your hopes for African / Botswana fashion in the future? I’d love to see a designer from Botswana at a Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

african-beauty_kele-mogotsi_botswana-actresses_copyright-2015-brkfst-studio-photography_natural-hair-blogs_botswana_top-models-botswana-8Kele can be found at kelemogotsi.weebly.com  Twitter: @kelemogotsi   //   Instagram: @kelemogotsi   //  FB: Kele Mogotsi


Photography: Brkfst Studio  //  Model: Kele Mogotsi  //  Makeup: Ezra Marquez  //  Creative Direction: Naledi Mogotsi  //  Jewellery: Zawadi Art  // Kele Mogotsi actress

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