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vuvuzela-fashion-style_bowties_best-bowties-melbourne_curly-hair-bloggers-australia_natural-hair-bloggers-australia_saved-fashion-bloggers_christian-blogs_blogs-with-purpose_best-mens-accessories-melbourne_melbournes-most-stylish-fashion-bloggers In this society where everyone ‘over-shares’ on social media etc, I strongly believe we owe it to ourselves (and loved ones) to keep some things for (and to) ourselves – as opposed to broadcasting everything FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever your social media platform of choice may be.

Recently a friend innocently asked why I keep my all my big news to myself and only share them with the public later than most ‘normal’ people would (e.g. announcing my baby news way into trimester 2, amongst other dramatic events Lol), and my reply was just that simple. We don’t have to share everything with our ‘facebook’ communities immediately. I personally prefer to nurture and build my dreams / and all the things close to my heart quietly; perhaps with just the knowledge of a few people who (I know) constantly pray for me and speak life into all things concerning me. Needless to say – I have had to learn the hard way to come to this ‘amazing’ realization.

In the very same way, I believe we should be careful and over-protective of the dreams and visions God places in our hearts. Sometimes (actually, most times) it is better to keep stuff to ourselves. If you are going to share, make sure it’s with a few people who you know are secure enough in their own purpose to pray for you and water that thing in you. I am not saying things can’t go wrong on this end either… all I am saying is exercise caution and privacy when it comes to those seeds God puts in your life and your heart. Not all of them are meant for the public (immediately). Let God nurture, grow and have them ready. A testimony that’s shared before it’s time has the potential to do more harm than good. Funny enough, that very same week, I saw a very wise, well-respected friend’s status (which I summarized below):

Some testimonies need a selected audience. Otherwise you’ll create unnecessary attention, envy and hatred towards yourself. Carefully select your audience. Even though God was in the details, Joseph wouldn’t have gone through the hell he went through had he kept his mouth shut and not told his jealous brothers.”  Mogotsi Baloyi 

The Joseph referred to here is from the well-known Bible story in Genesis Chapter 37. That being said, God is gracious enough to use our mess ups to get us where He wanted to in the first place. But all I am trying to highlight is… just put that vuvuzela away and settle down. People don’t need to know everything, especially if they have no such special bearing in the affairs of your life.

Joseph’s brothers saw him coming from far away. Before he reached them, they made a plan to kill him. They said to each other, “Here comes that dreamerLet’s kill him and throw his body into one of the wells… Then we will see what will become of his dreams – Gen 37:18-20

Love you all, and remember you don’t owe anyone any explanation if you don’t feel like it. Have a great week! xx

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