body shapes – JUICY FRUITYs

Body shapes are like personalities, we all have one one. That being said, do you know yours and what looks good on you? You don’t have to make a fashion statement every day, but you do want to look your best, even when you haven’t tried hard 😉

Most women fall into at least one of the following categories. Do scroll down and determine which one you are and start dressing for your shape. All shapes are amazing if dressed accordingly.


The rectangular shaped should use garments that create an illusion of curves. i.e instead of hiding body parts, try to dress the parts you already have 😉 Avoid tight clothes that accentuate your lack of curves. If you do, choose either a tight top or a tight bottom, not both!  High-waisted pants and skirts do not help create curves, so if you have to wear anything with a high waist, wear a statement piece on top.


Apple shaped women have a larger bust than hip measurement, & carry most of their weight around the midsection. The goal is to elongate the upper body, define your waist and bring balance to an outfit. Pants and skirts with a flare will help draw attention to your lower body by balancing out your upper body. Wear dark colors where you’re bigger which in your case is the top. Leave the brighter colors and prints for the lower half. Avoid tops with puffy sleeves as well as tops that are busy with a lot of detailing, or too tight.


Pears have a triangular shaped body where the hips are wider than the bust. The goal is to draw attention away from the hips and emphasize your top half to create a visual balance. Avoid jackets that end at the widest part of your hips. Wear shorter cropped jackets instead. Don’t tuck in your shirts with low rise bottoms because that can make you look boxy. Save this look for your high-waisted pants that show off your curves. Don’t wear tight bottoms as they will make you look bottom heavy.


Hourglass shapes have a bust measurement that is roughly the same as the hips, and a tiny waist. Because you’re proportionately curvy you have major options when it comes to clothes. The key is to not add extra weight to your frame. A little fashion secret that works wonders for your shape is anything that elongates your body. Do wear a sexy pencil skirt.  No shapeless tops please – they don’t accentuate your waist, and they add weight to your body. Avoid empire-waists since you have an actual waist.

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Love M, xoxo