strength, in QUIETNESS & TRUST

fashion blogger  instagram- @sakhino-4“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it”. Isaiah 30-15

When I saw this verse I had to jam on my mind’s brakes, and re-read it through that screeching halt. There it was… the truth! Hitting me like a tonne of bricks! So simple and yet confronting, in the most gentle’st of ways. (Is gentle’st even a word? Aah well, it is for now). Yes. I especially love the part that says … but you’d have none of it. Ha! That was placed there especially for me. The funny thing is, most times we don’t even realise that things have gotten to that point. We are busy chasing after the things of life that we miss the point. And by ‘things’ I don’t mean bad things… even respectable things that require a lot of discipline fall into this category. Like er… having a productive day for example; not giving yourself a break, high expectations of yourself e.t.c. – i.e great, awesome things, that are admirable if one masters them. Except when we let them become the epicentre of our lives. (Yes, that can sneak up on even the best of us). I say sneak up because more often than not it’s a subtle and smooth transition that somehow feels justified, and alas! maybe even worth defending. So yes… all those great things sneaking up on you with all their righteousness mentality till they suck the life out of you.

See, God has called us to rest. To have some time off to recoup and renew. (Even the big guy Himself is known to be a fan of ‘the big day off’). So to me this verse definitely calls for repentance. Because the minute I get into that hamster’s wheel of always “trying to make the most out of my limited time” (as a new mum), I end up being exhausted physically and spiritually. The only thing I have found capable of getting me out of that rut is silencing all the noise of this world – especially the noise in my mind, and trusting that even when I am resting, He will take care of things. That’s where I find real strength and my true North. From simply resting in the knowledge that He’s go my back…24/8. (i.e. in more ways than humanly quantifiable). What about you?

P.S. The theme for me this month is RE-FOCUS. I.e. to go back to the drawing board of my life and attend to the basics. The most important things that are the foundation of everything – in my home and work life, and especially my spiritual life. Let’s do it together so we can start the year on a more rested and clear note. We all know December is notorious for easily sucking the life out of all of us if not careful.

Have a great week and see this styled post in colour here –> green grass – RED TEXTURES

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