We still got inspired by a white Christmas, despite the hot Australian weather. After all, there is something very Christmas’y about white. Could it be the purity of the colour, or the snow-laden avenues that have forever defined the perfect Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere? I think it’s the former. Especially when you go back to the REAL meaning of Christmas. It represents a time to love. Extravagantly. Self-lessly. With a purity of heart.

best-online-magazine_best-christmas-issue-cover_pretty-fashion-bloggers_best-australian blogger_best-australian-fashion-blogger_australia's-best-bloggers_japan's-best-fashion-blogger_africas-best-fashion-blogger

best-ski-editorials_new-chanel-store-melbourne_best-online-fashion-magazine_top-african-fashion-bloggers_top-fashion-bloggers-africa_australia's-best-bloggers_asia's-best-fashion-blogger_africa's-best-fashion-blogger-12As for the fashion, we best captured this white Christmas extravaganza with a lush pair of snow white ski boots, a matching sparkly shrug, and a pair of micro fleece-lined coco gloves. To break it up and avoid a stark look, we brought in neutral tones with a fur vest and a cute, flirty woollen dress. The sunglasses were just the icing on top of the already fabulous cake!

top-fashion-bloggers-australia_top fashion bloggers-melbourne_australia's-best-bloggers_asia's-best-fashion-blogger_africa's-best-fashion-blogger-17 white-christmas-editorials_best-christmas-editorials_christmas-in-melbourne_an-australia-christmas_vogue-december-cover_most-beautiful-fashion-blogger-melbourne_australia's-best-bloggers_asia's-best-fashion-blogger_africa's-best-fashion-blogger-19sakhino-best-online-magazine_december-issue-2013_vogue-december-cover_most-beautiful-fashion-blogger-melbourne_australia's-best-bloggers_asia's-best-fashion-blogger_africa's-best-fashion-blogger-2Enjoy your holidays, and remember the main reason for the season. i.e the most extravagant, selfless gift ever given. When God gave us His only Beloved Son; Jesus Christ as an expression of love.  The very one this season represents.

Boots, Gloves, Shrug: KAOS   Sunglasses: Trade Secret

Styling & Creative Concept: SAKHINO

Model: Miranda

Photography: StyleGallivanter

style gallivanter

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