battle SCARS

JULY-2015-MAGAZINE-COVER_COPYRIGHT-SAKHINO-STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM-5Every heel-wearing fashionista would agree with me on this – every time you wear flat shoes, you are supposed to feel safe, right? Well, en contraire my friend. They have sold us a lie, as I would discover this past week. Like any responsible mum, I put on my flat shoes, (husband and baby in tow), and happily spent the day traipsing around a busy shopping centre… well, shopping. But my retail therapy delirium was about to be short-lived and I was about to discover what a scam flat shoes are! Let’s just say I had a tiny accident and hurt my arm. Ok fine, I fell. Go ahead, laugh. I am too, it was actually kind’a funny… and definitely not vogue. Luckily, I was dressed cute and there was no one in the parking lot of that shopping centre at that moment (thank you Jesus). Needless to say, I didn’t lose too much of my dignity, I just earned myself a fracture in the most inconvenient of limbs. Like most mums out there, when it comes to injuries…  ain’t no buddy got time for dat! I just quietly nursed my wounds (and my pride and prayed all the pain away). I’d fallen on my arm and most of my hefty baby weight had landed on that one arm. I knew I should have gotten rid of those extra pounds months ago! No more excuses. Anyway, despite the pain, my day carried on as normal with my right arm just hanging off like an out of season accessory, because I am a 9 percent’er (left-handed). Yeah baby, who needs a right hand anyway? I Just shrugged off the pain and went to sleep. Next day as I took shower, I caught a glimpse of my elbow, ensconsed in what I can only  describe as a big ‘bye bye’, (a.k.a bingo arm / tuckshop arm). Shriek! I don’t recall cupcaking any time in the past few weeks! On closer inspection… phew, it was just some swelling from the previous day’s fall. Big sigh of relief, despite the fact that I still couldn’t straighten my arm. Let’s face it, this could have been worse; it could have been a real “bye bye”! Yes, clearly I have my priorities right. To cut the long story short, this week has been filled with x-ray, ct scans, unfashionable arm slings and the works! At least now I know why ‘fashion people’ wear their coats like that. It is injury inspired fashion trends. Sounds a bit morbid, but what else could it be? On a more positive note, all is well and I am recovering – which means lifting my heavy weight baby on one arm at least for the next few weeks. But of course the greatest news still remains… it was not that infamous ‘bye bye’. Yay! I guess for now it’s Rotisserie chicken for hubby till mama can cook again (fancy way of say whole-cooked Costco chicken). LOL, not… P.S. Don’t hesitate to bring some Nandos if God puts that in your kind heart 😉

Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (  //  Styling: Miranda (    //  Injury Inspired Fashion Trends

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