in the eye OF THE STORM

MIRANDA-SAKHINO-2015_STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM_STYLEGALLAVANTER_AFRICAN-FASHION-BLOGGERSEver had one of those seasons when you just wonder if God is on holiday? (LOL, as if). Yeah well, I have. One too many times. Those times when you have prayed, and believed, and have had as much faith as you could muster – but still things didn’t turn out the way you expected or hoped. A way that probably left you feeling hurt and disappointed by God? I know it sounds blasphemous, but let’s get real people – we all go through such times and it’s ok to feel things, as long as they don’t permanently become part of us. Because, on the real, God will never leave nor forsake us, and more often than not – what we may see as a disappointment, always turns out to be a prayer answered in a way we least expected. Anyway, the excerpt below is from one of my all time favourite authors, Max Lucado – tackling this issue. Have a read and be encouraged. God’s got your back, ALWAYS!

“Sometimes I wonder…how can our world get so chaotic? And I sometimes wonder why so many hearts have to hurt? Do you ever get doubt storms? Do you have turbulent days when the enemy is too big, and the answers too few? Every so often a storm will come, and I’ll look up into the blackening sky and say, “God, a little light, please?”

The light came for Jesus’ disciples. A figure came to them walking on the water. It wasn’t what they expected. Maybe they were listening for a divine proclamation to still the storm.  One thing is for sure, they were not looking for Jesus to come walking on the water. “It’s a ghost,’ they said and cried out in fear.” And since Jesus came in a way they didn’t expect, they almost missed seeing the answer to their prayers. And unless we look and listen closely, we risk making the same mistake!”

So, let’s learn to pray and believe with an open mind and an open heart, and remember, God’s ways are higher than ours, and He always has our best interests at heart 😉 P.S. The picture above can be seen in full colour as part of this post here.

Excerpt from In The Eye Of The Storm by Max Lucado, click below to purchase it and/or similar literature.

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