in healthy – FASHION

This week we will be introducing a new and essential part of the blog, IN HEALTHY FASHION.

N.b This will not be a weight loss corner (even though that topic might come up every now and then). We will mostly be focusing on how to live the healthiest life we were intended to live – by embracing who we were originally meant to be (and taking care of that fabulous person the right way).

I have long avoided this topic because; 1) I am not a health professional, 2) It’s a very sensitive issue. But my spirit was not at peace, therefore after much prayer – God gave me the healthiest way to share it that will break all barriers that always hold us back from being our healthiest i.e neglect, obssessive-ness, defensive-ness, ignorance etc.

So, I am looking forward to walking this health journey with all of you in the most stylish way possible…¬†Here’s To a Healthy Lifestyle & to being the best version of ourselves that we were created to be!

…& don’t you just love these very stylish pictures by Fulvio Bonavia from his world renowned book – A Matter Of Taste? They were epic so I couldn’t help but frame them! ūüėČ